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Spaghetti Tonno e Burro (Spaghetti with Tuna and Butter)


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Mar 19, 2024
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Spaghetti Tonno e Burro (Spaghetti with Tuna and Butter)

Allow me to introduce you to Spaghetti Tonno e Burro – literally, spaghetti with tuna and butter. A three-ingredient, 10-minute recipe, this will have you literally jumping for joy at both its ease and comforting, simple taste. A minimalist Italian pantry meal that requires literally only three ingredients: olive oil-packed tuna, butter, and spaghetti. This is a perfect easy pasta recipe for hot summer evenings and busy weeknights.

You’ll also need some salt and pepper, as with almost any recipe. Freshly ground black pepper is pretty important (unless you are my children, who like black pepper unless you can *see* it – commence eye rolling). And, depending on the brand of tuna you use and how much you salt the pasta water, you may need some extra salt on hand.

Spaghetti Tonno e Burro is reminiscent of a tuna casserole, but light years better in my opinion. It’s not as heavy, and it’s SO much easier to make. But if you like a tuna casserole – or *kind of* like tuna casserole but wish it was a bit lighter – you’ll definitely like this.

This tuna pasta recipe is gorgeous in its simplicity.

...GET THE RECIPE for Spaghetti Tonno e Burro (Spaghetti with Tuna and Butter)!
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